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Version: 1.7.0

Download configuration

This feature allows you to download the configuration from a Dynatrace tenant as Monaco files. Use this feature to avoid starting from scratch when using Monaco.

⚠️ This feature requires CLI version 2.0.

Download configurations#

  1. Enable CLI 2.0 by adding an environment variable called NEW_CLI with a non-empty value other than 0.
export NEW_CLI=1
  1. Create an environment file.
  2. Run monaco using the download command
monaco download --environments=my-environment.yaml


To download specific APIs only, use --downloadSpecificAPI to pass a list of API values separated by a comma.

monaco download --downloadSpecificAPI alerting-profile,dashboard --environments=my-environment.yaml


⚠️ Application Detection Rules. When using download functionality, you can only update existing application dectection rules. You can only create a new app detection rule if no other app detection rules exist for that application.